4 Best Movies On Artificial Intelligence

Hey! Do you know what artificial intelligence is? Well the whole world is using it taking advantage of this innovative technology. God knows where it would stop in future. But AI is everywhere from our phone numbers to our social media accounts, shopping from the shopping sites or mobile applications and much more. This technology has not spared the entertainment industry too. There are so many movies that are taking the advantage of AI just to make things more interesting for us ‘the viewers’. 

Right from the 1929 when the first movie on Artificial Intelligence was made till date there are so many people that are using artificial intelligence as a thought provoking way to depict different stories and concepts on screen. Here, we are going to mention some of the movies that have used this leading lady in the innovative queue. 

Metropolis–  (1927)

It began the new era of making movies on technology that insist viewers to think out of the box. It was something that connected science with films and was expressed as Sci-Fi that has given various ideas to other movies too made later on. 

It has given a vision to the viewers to see the whole world in fact the future world in a different way where humans connected with the machines were shown well. Besides, the machines were shown as depicting human nature and their behaviour too.

2001: A Space Odyssey (1968)

This movie shows how a programmed computer, probably the evil machine planned to kill two astronauts. The reason is that he was not able to integrate with the mission. HAL-9000 is considered as one of the most referenced Artificial Intelligence in the entertainment world which has become a role model and is identified easily. The fascinating personality of HAL has a terrifying voice with a no mercy in his dictionary mentioned. He can depict lipsing, deny being disconnected and can think to plot his survival plan. Though the movie does not show the detailed working of the HAL. But the concept was so new that viewers never think.

Her – (2013)

The movie shows how humans get attached to AI-equipped technology which indicates the truth of inability of showing emotions back through AI machines. The movie shows the power of artificial intelligence having unlimited knowledge through which the machines process and put a conflict because of unlimited conversations and relations at a time.

The movie very well shows the potential of the technology and shows how important it is to follow some ethics while using it to operate systems and machines otherwise the future may lead to a lot of conflicts.


The whole series is just a mindblowing creation that shows the traditional T-800 model and then in the Judgment Day shows the amazing Skynet AI. The movie shows how interesting AI technology can destroy humanity and can kill all of us just in seconds in case if the AI-equipped systems become unstoppable. The ‘Terminator- Judgment Day’ shows the worst side of artificial intelligence coding and also shows the hope.  

There are so many movies that are based on AI and you can watch them wherever you find them on the Internet. In this age of coronavirus, you have unlimited time. Utilize it well and see where the future of the world is. The advancement in technology enables experts to code them in such a way where they can also showcase the feelings and can mimic our emotions.