Best Tips To Boost Immune System

In this COVID-19 era, everybody wanted to boost their immunity. Obviously nobody wanted to fight with this contagious virus strongly. If you are looking for various methods to boost your health system, you are landed on the best page.

Ok! Let’s start with a question, why do we need a strong immune system? Well! We all need immunity to fight against the illnesses and diseases caused by several baleful pathogens. Anybody can get immunity by taking several different dietary health options and by following various routines. Here are the list of all the following-   

Some Important Tips To Strengthen Your Immunity

# Tip-1 Take Enough Sleep– 

Yes! You read absolutely right. Getting enough sleep is very important for the whole body or you can say to have a smooth life cycle. If you are having inadequate sleep you may have a right command on the work as well as on personal life.

According to medical science, an individual above 18 needs at least seven hours of sleep while a young person requires 8-10 hours sleep while infants need almost 15 hours of sleep.

As per a study, people having less than six hours sleep at night usually get sick more often than those who take.

Relaxing the body for sufficient hours is very important to fight against diseases and make the immune system stronger. 

As per the experts, limiting yourself from the blue light or screen light helps in having sleep fast. More exposure to the TV, TV screen, smartphones, etc, usually disturbs the sleep time, wake time, and also reduces the sound sleep.   

Proper exercise or movement of the body that helps in digestion process is another thing that helps in getting proper sleep.

# Tip 2-  Must Include Foods Especially Whole Plant Foods

Wondering about whole plant foods? Well these are the foods that may include- vegetables, fruits, seeds, nuts, etc. The whole plant foods are rich in various antioxidants and nutrients that fight against toxic pathogens.

The different types of antioxidants in the whole plant foods reduces inflammation which are caused by various compounds generated in our body. These inflammations are believed to be the bigger cause of several problems such as- heart-related diseases, anxiety, or other brain related diseases, and even various types of cancers.

If we talk about the coronavirus in which cold is a common and a major sign, Vitamin C in the whole plant foods distants the effect of cold or flu like problems.

#Tip 3- Always Discard the Harmful Fats and Eat Healthy Fats

Did you know! Fats are also known as healthy fat and unhealthy fats. Let’s discuss them in detail, the fat found in olive oil and salmon is considered as healthy fat whereas unhealthy fat also named as unsaturated fat usually causes a lot of health issues.

Healthy fats enhance the immune system by decreasing inflammation that reduces the threat of getting chronic diseases such as Type-2 diabetes, heart attacks, high cholesterol etc.

Another important supplement of healthy fats is Omega-3 fatty acids that are found in chia seeds, salmon etc are used to fight against the inflammation and increase the immunity of the body.

#Tip 4- You can Boost Immunity With Fermented Foods– 

From ages, miso soup is a must and indispensable food in Japanese food. It is a salty paste which is made from fermented food such as soybeans.

These fermented foods are good to fight against allergies, IBS, cancer, inflammatory bowel disease, and gastroenteritis. Fermented foods also include yogurt.

# Tip 5- Just Cut Down Your Sugars Intake-

Everything in excess is harmful. It is applicable to everything – sugar is one of the major things  responsible for the overweight and obesity. All of this raises the risk of getting cough, cold and other chronic diseases. Reduction in the sugar intake results in weight loss. According to the health experts, the intake of sugar must be less than five percent of total calories taken in a day which is counted as 2 tablespoons that is 25 grams.  

#Tip 6- Set A Routine for Exercise- 

Regular exercise is a must. It has been seen that the people who are into a regular exercise are less prone to have diseases and have a strong immunity than the one who don’t stick to regular workouts. Basically the main purpose is to move the body parts which also helps in the digestion process too. The exercises may include- swimming, walking, light hiking, jogging, cycling, yoga, etc that may have the time span of 15 minutes to  2 hours and even more.

# Tip 7- Hydrate Yourself-

People have the misconception, that we humans need water only during summers. That is why people either take less water or completely avoid having it. Whereas the fact is that you need water to have a good texture skin & hair, great immunity and much more.   

# Tip 8- Stay Positive– 

Positivity works like a therapy that hydrates the souls and gives an unmatchable thing that radiates into one’s personality. Stay with positive people, read something that actually relaxes your mind and fulfill your soul. All these things contribute to the immense level of immunity.

By adopting the above-mentioned tips, you can easily change your lifestyle that may empower your immune system. As per the experts, strong immunity can prevent coronavirus attack but it is not the cure. All you can do to prevent COVID-19 completely is to Stay Home, Stay Safe.