Buy Various Styles of Traditional Bangles Online

Bangles are a simple way of intensifying your Indian attire. Bangles come with a special glimmer like no other piece of Jewell! They are a staple of Indian jewellery and no Indian look is complete without this charming jewellery.  

The traditional bangles look amazing with a traditional Indian dress. There are numerous options in various materials and styles for almost every event. Therefore, don’t wait, explore the beautiful world of the latest traditional bangles and find the perfect bangles to show at the next event!

Significance of Different Types of Bangles in Indian Culture 

Each state has a distinct set of traditions that are associated with bangles.

  • Punjab- In Punjabi culture, the brides wear ivory bangles or Chuda united with red bangles which are gifted by the maternal uncle of the bride. They are presumed to wear these bangles or traditionally called Chooda for a given period of time after their wedding which may be a month or a year depending on the family tradition.
  • Bengal- When a newlywed bride enters her new household her mother-in-law gifts an iron bangle which is usually plated with gold. Other than that, the new bride wears a conch shell bangle and a red coral bangle, which are traditionally known as Shakha and pole.
  • Rajasthan and Gujarat- Before having the ‘Saat Pheras’ around the holy fire, mothers often gift ivory bangles to their daughters or bride-to-be. On the other hand, in Gujarat, the maternal uncle gives bangles to the bride as a ritual. 
  • Southern States- Brides wear green-coloured bangles since green signifies fertility and wealth. In Tamil Nadu and Telangana, pregnant women are given bangles of various colours through a ritual called Valaikappu carried in the seventh month of pregnancy.

Want to Buy Different Styles of Traditional Bangles Online?

Well as per the change in the liking of various people, the availability of Indian jewellery has evolved differently. There are numerous types of traditional and non-traditional jewellery pieces that can be purchased online.  

Beads and Pearls Bangles

White beads and colorful pearls look astonishing when embedded in gold or silver bangles. These bangles give a very classy and traditional glance to Indian attire. The real beauty of using pearls as bangles fabricates in their versatility. They enhance the shine and prettiness of regular gold bangles and make Indian clothes look outstanding more than they already are. 

Sparkly Diamond Bangles

Those glittery diamonds, reflecting lights from your bangles, make everything look so fabulous and put together! American diamond bangles with the latest styles add glamour to your traditional outfit. They are simple yet relatively classy pieces of jewellery. It’s always good to add some diamonds to your jewellery wardrobe. These are something that never goes out of fashion and you can never have them enough.

Weaved with Thread Bangles

Handmade thread bangles are beautifully weaved and have elegant womanliness. Bright colours, velvet threads and shiny little creations reflect the delicacy of feminism. These bangles complement your traditional attire with elegance and delicacy. These are must-haves in your bangle collection. Grab some bright shiny thread bangles that are good to go!

Stunned with Stones Bangles 

The popular stones are Champagne, Polki, Kundan embedded on bangles give them royal getup. These heavy stones come in different shapes, sizes and colours to match your outfits. You can easily turn heads by just wearing stone bangles. You don’t need to wear too many items of jewellery and still can get a heavy look with these bangles. These are perfect for traditional Indian occasions, pair them with the right jewellery to go with your outfits.

Hanging ‘Jhumki’ Bangles

A Jhumki bangle is a kind of jewellery that has the shape of an inverted bell. Usually, a small drop-shaped piece of metal dangles in the middle of the inverted bell. When a woman wears Jhumki bangles and shakes her arm, the tiny trinkets rattle against each other and generate a wonderful sound.  The inverted bell-like formation has earned the name Jhumki for this jewel.


When it comes to bangles for women there is no age bar. This accessory can be styled according to your choice and identity. You can never go overboard with bangles. Mix and match them according to your preference or your outfit. Bangles complement both casual and formal outfits. Buy the latest style bangles in Canada and wear them to your next function.