Punjab Labour Card Online Registration and its Benefits

Punjab State Government has launched a Labor Card Scheme for the welfare of labourers who are residents of Punjab state. This scheme aims to provide a Labor Card to the state citizens for the development, safety, security education and protection of labourers. The government is providing many facilities to cardholders. The labourers who work for the construction of buildings, industries, cultivation, etc can get benefits from Labour Card Punjab.

Punjab State Govt. has now decided to issue the labour card online for which the application form is available on the official website of the Department of Labor. E- labour website makes it easier for the labourers of Punjab to get themselves registered and to seek the benefits of the schemes issued by govt of Punjab. 

Many schemes are running under BOCW (Building and Other Construction Works) such as Shagun Yojna, LTC, Tool Kit Scheme and many more for the benefits of the labourer. Any labourer or building worker who has been doing labour i,n Punjab can get themselves registered online. 

In this blog, we will try to provide you with information regarding the online application of Labor cards. 

How to Apply for Punjab E- Labour Card Online?

There are certain steps that you need to follow to apply and get labour card benefits in Punjab. Please read them carefully.

  • Visit the official website of Punjab Labor Card i.e.  www.pblabour.gov.in. Click on this link and you will be redirected to the homepage.
  • On the homepage, click on the Create New User tab if you are a new user of the card.
  • When you click, an application form will appear on the screen. This form only requires your basic details like Username, Name, Gender, Contact info. So, fill every detail carefully.
  • This application will also require a soft copy of certain documents which are mentioned below. Attach them and recheck the form. Finally, press Submit when you put everything needed.
  • Here applicants can log in to this page by using username and password or mobile number and OTP. The online application page will appear for the Labour Card.
  • Fill the form and complete every detail mentioned and submit the form to complete the online registration for labour card in Punjab.

Documents Needed to Apply for Punjab Labour Card

Labour card Punjab online application needs some specific documents which are needed to be attached with the application form. The list includes-

  • Adhar Card or Voter Card for Identify Proof/Age Proof
  • Details of any saving bank account or Jan Dhan Account Number with IFSC Number

What is the Eligibility Criteria for Applying?

Here are some of the beneficiary Guidelines which should be fulfilled to apply for the Punjab Labour Card Online. Let’s have a look-

  • The monthly income of the applicant should be 15000 or below.
  • The applicant should not be employed in the Organized Sector.
  • He/she must be an unorganized worker.
  • The age of the applicant should be between 18 and 40 years. 
  • Only residents of Punjab can apply on Punjab E-Labour Portal. Every state has a different portal to apply. 
  • Applicants should not be a member of EPF/NPS/ESIC.
  • SHOULD be an income taxpayer.

What are Different Plans of Benefits for the Worker?

There are different schemes and plans organized by the Punjab govt. A labour cardholder can take benefits from following mentioned schemes.

Stipend Scheme: There is the benefit of Rs, 3000 to Rs. 70000 per annum for first-class degree courses. It is also applicable for the children of registered labourers.

Cycle Scheme for Children: This scheme is for the children of registered labourers. Govt. provide one free cycle to the children of the workers who are studying in 9th to 12th standard in Punjab state.

Shagun Yojna: This scheme covers the marriage of two daughters of registered construction workers. A sum of  Rs. 31000 will be provided on the marriage of each daughter. If the girl herself is a cardholder, she can get an Omen for her marriage.

Financial Aid: The registered workers who have children with mental disorders or are disabled in any sense, are provided with 20,000 annual financial aid.

Funeral Assistance Scheme: If a registered worker or any of the family members dies, this scheme contributes the financial aid of Rs. 20,000 for the funeral. 

How to Download the Punjab E-Labour Card Online?

If you get registered and want to download the E- Labour Card, you have to follow certain steps. 

  • On the homepage, click on the Download Registration Card Login. You will be redirected to the online user login page.
  • Enter username and password or mobile no. and OTP to login. Click on the sign in button. 
  • The page will appear, click on Registration Identity Card and press on Download ID Card Tab.
  • E-Labour card will be downloaded into your system, get it printed or save a soft copy with you whenever needed.

These schemes in Punjab provide the best amenities along with adequate welfare. The benefit amount is transferred to the bank account of the registered person directly as per the scheme. We hope we can answer- How to make a labour card in Punjab and different information regarding this. Please follow the steps carefully to avoid any inconvenience.

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