List of Best Pet Shops In Patiala

Owning a pet is a wonderful experience. They help you in many ways like decreasing your stress levels, lessening your loneliness, and help to keep you fit. If you are a pet lover who resides in Patiala City and want to adopt a pet then this list is for you. You might be looking for dogs, cats or birds of any particular breed in the royal city Patiala, we can help you find a perfect place for your needs.

Here is the list of Best Pet Shops in Patiala

1) Garg Pet Shop

Garg pet shop is the best pet shop in Patiala. It is a good place to visit if you are looking to buy a dog pet with the following breeds-

  • Dog breeds like- Daurman, Pom, Spitz, Labra, Tibetan Mastiff etc.
  • Cats like – Persian Kittens
  • Guinea Pigs 
  • Hamsters and 
  • Different type of Birds

You can get all sorts of pet foods and supplies like-  Dog houses, Feeds for different pets, beautiful cages for birds etc. This is a one-stop shop for your pet’s everyday needs.

Address: Shop No. 32, Near Old Budha Dal School, Patiala 

Phone: 8054009122

2) Bedi Pet World

Bedi pet shop Patiala Punjab is also a great place to buy different pets in Punjab, like-

  • Different dog breeds
  • Cats 
  • Fishes
  • Hamsters and Rabbits

They also provide animals like dogs and other pets. 

Address: Shop Number – 3, Main Market, Fountain Chowk, The Mall Road, Patiala. 

Phone: 9877088478, 8146267716

3) Sood Pet Shop

Sood pet shop is a good place to buy different breeds of dogs to pet and also different animals like

  •  Birds
  •  Rabbits
  •  Hamsters 

They also provide pet daycare as well as Pet Food and Nutrition. Pet accessories like Dog chains, cages and other items are available here

Address: Sunami Gate, Modi College Road, Patiala

Phone: 9872017051 

4) Thapar Pet Shop, Patiala

If you are a lover of keeping different bird species then, this is the best place to get erotic birds of different International breeds like-

  • African Birds 
  • Latin Love Birds
  • Dog Breeding

They also deal in different pet accessories like dog Toys chain, colour cases, shampoo and other utilities. Pet food for different pets is also available.

Address: B K Medicos Basement, Bhupindra Road, Patiala, Bhupindra Nagar, Patiala 

Phone: 9876143762

5) Sharma Pet Shop

Sharma pet shop was established in 2009 and serves as a pet shop in Patiala. It is basically an amazing place to buy different breeds of pups and dogs.

  • Stud Dog
  • GSD 
  • Pug
  • Labra

They also deal in dog food as well as fish food along with other accessories for pets.  

Address: Vidya Nagar, Vidya Nagar, Patiala.

Phone: 9872017404 

List of  Pet Supplies and Pet Accessories Shops in Patiala

If you are a proud owner of a pet and want to know about the places where you can get the different pet supplies, accessories and even veterinary medicines for your loved one. Then you can check the stores which are mentioned below-

1) My Pet Veterinary Centre

This store provides different pet supplies to the customers like- Pet food, Accessories, Vet and Feline Medicines and Toys. They have all popular brands at their shop. 

Address: Ghuman Road Near Bawa Dairy, Patiala

Phone: 9876121471

2) Columbia Vet Care

This is the best place for all your pet-related services and amenities. Services like Pet grooming, Pet Accessories, Food and Nutrition, all are available here. 

Along with this, you can also get veterinary services for your pets like- consultation, diagnosis, medication and treatment from the best Physicians.

Address: Shop no. 2, New Indira Market, Patiala

Phone: 9216518004, 8360441535

3) Harmeet Pet Care

Harmeet pet care provides services like pet grooming and daycare along with different branded pet foods and treats. They are also well-known sellers of Pet Accessories and Pet Toys. 

Address- Delhi Waliya di Lal Kothi, Ranjit Vihar, Patiala 

Phone: 8568907131

Above mentioned are some of the best Pet Shops to visit for different pet services in Patiala. You can confirm their timings and services by calling on the phone numbers mentioned above with each shop info.