What is Patharchatta and How is it Used?

Patharchatta is a medicinal plant with thick and fresh leaves which is found almost throughout India. It is about 1m tall with cylindrical stems. It is also used for ornamental purposes. Patharchatta has numerous medicinal properties. It is considered one of the prominent herbs in Ayurveda due to its miracle properties. 

What is Patharchatta’s name in English? 

Well, it is named Kalanchoe Pinnata.

What Are the Common Names of Patharchatta?

It is well-known as an air plant, Good luck leaf, and Miracle Leaf as well.

If  You are searching for Patharchatta Kya Hota Hai Online to find its Hindi names, then Patharchatta is named as Patharchur, Paan-Futti.

What does the Patharchatta Plant Look like?

The plant has a hollow stem that is red or green  in color. There are many uses of Patharchatta. But the important thing is how to grow this plant. Well, it is very easy as it develops roots whenever and wherever it lands. When you spot a Partharchatta plant, just follow these steps to grow it at your home-

  • Pluck one of them leaves from the plant
  • Plant the leave wherever you want it to grow and water it
  • You can see developing roots within a few days. 
  • A new baby plant can be seen in a few weeks.

Now, let’s talk about its medicinal benefits to humankind.

What are the Health Benefits of Patharchatta 

Cure Kidney Stones

One of the best benefits of Patharchatta is its ability to treat kidney stones. Kidney stones are crystalline minerals formed within the kidney. Pashanbheda is another name for it in Sanskrit – Pashan means stone and Bheda means to break. As the name suggests, Patharchatta breaks the stone in the kidney and gets out through the urinary tract.

For this, take some leaves of Patahrchatta and grind them. Take out the juice by squeezing them and taking it to the empty stomach in the morning.

Pain Relief

Patharchatta calms any sort of body pain, muscle or joints. It also helps in reducing the swelling of muscles. 

For this, heat the leaves of Patharchatta and apply mustard oil to them. Now, apply them over the affected area with the help of cotton cloth.

Helps in Digestion

Our gut health signifies our overall health. So, a good digestive system means good health. Most people suffer from gastric problems like gas, bloating, heartburn and constipation. Patharchatta juice is best for any gastric issue and gives you a healthy gut.

For this, take leaves from the plant either take out juice or chew raw leaves to get the juice out.

Relief from Low Urine Output

Patients with urinary bladder inflammation and retention can take benefit from Patharchatta leaves. It is one of the medicinal uses of Patharchatta that has an excellent diuretic and promotes urination.

Healing Wounds

It is an excellent herb to cure wounds, cuts and external bleeding. By applying juice externally over the wound helps in arresting bleeding. It is also beneficial in boils and carbuncles.

How to Use Patharchatta for Medical Purposes?

For many purposes, the leaves of Patharchatta are used. Either you consume raw leaves or grind the leaves to make a paste. 

For more effective use, it is recommended to grind the leaves and squeeze the juice out of them. This juice is easily digestible and consumable.

Where Can You Find the Patharchatta Plant?

You can get this plant throughout India. It has special recognition in West Bengal as it is also used to make ornaments.

Beside this now you can also get this plant online. It starts at a very low price of Rs.15. There are many websites and online stores that deal in these sorts of herbs.

To conclude, this was some basic knowledge about Patharchatta and its uses. Our culture is rich in Ayurveda, but we sometimes don’t recognize the importance of certain herbs which are present nearby. We hope you find this blog informative.