Online Appointment Booking of CSD Canteen Mohali

You must have heard about CSD canteens in India. CSD stands for Canteen Stores Department. If you have a defense background, you must have gone to one of these canteens to get groceries and other household things. These canteens are solely set up for the Employees of the Indian Armed Forces. Recently, the authorities have started the CSD online booking system to enable online shopping for commodities. Want to know more about  CSD Mohali Mohali appointment booking, so keep on reading! First, let us briefly explain these canteens

What Are CSD Canteens and What They Sell?

The Canteen Store Department is completely owned by the Government of India. They operate under the Ministry of Defence and have outlets in all major military bases of the Indian Armed Forces. A Card is issued by these canteens and only the cardholders can shop from them. These canteens were originally meant solely for the members of the Armed Forces personnel to buy products at a cheaper price but now it is expanding to some other units too.

These canteens are the most profitable retail chain in India that sell many different products. They include groceries, kitchen appliances, apparels, sports equipment, alcoholic drinks, electronics and vehicles. They sell all these products at very low prices. The only reason for such low prices is Tax. Yes, CSD products are exempted from Tax.

Why Does CSD Canteen Online Booking Start?

CSD cardholders can shop through the canteens without standing in queues and waiting for their turn. This online process has been initiated due to the outbreak of COVID-19 so that the cardholders can follow the social distancing and buy commodities from their homes. This system has been initiated and is successfully working for all states.

How to do CSD Canteen Mohali Online Booking?

CSD Canteen in Mohali is operating from Sector 64. Due to COVID-19, you now need to get an online booking smart card to shop through the canteen at a given time slot. On the given day and the time slot, you can buy the items from the canteen. Still confused, let’s simplify this!

Here we have given step-by-step instructions on how to do an online booking and get a token for your shopping. 

  • Go to the of CSD canteen Mohali Website.
  • Enter your Mobile Number or other essential information asked at the portal and click generate captcha.
  • Enter captcha and click submit.
  • Select your rank category like officers and dependents or Jco’s/OR’s/Families/Dependent and click proceed.
  • Select Grocery card/Liquor card and enter 12 characters of your card as shown below.
  • Now select whether you want to visit on weekdays or on Saturday.
  • Now select a particular date and submit.
  • After that select the time slot available on that particular date and submit.

Now a token number will be generated, which you must show at the canteen to shop.

So, by following these simple steps you can get a CSD Mohali Appointment.

After getting the appointment there are certain rules or important instructions which are mentioned on the  CSD Mohali official site which you must follow to avoid any difficulty.

Instructions to be Followed After Getting CSD Appointment 

There are several instructions mentioned on the CSD Mohali official website which you must keep in mind before going to the canteen.

  • Your smart card or token is very essential for shopping.
  • Only one person is allowed to enter the canteen in one token due to covid precautions.
  • Always come 15 mins before your assigned time slot.
  • Entry at the gate will only be given by checking the AarogyaSeva Safe App status.
  • Maximum 30 mins will be given to one customer to complete all his purchases. So, make your list beforehand.
  • Once your booking is confirmed for Unit Run Canteens, then the subsequent booking will only be done after 15 days.
  • If you don’t show up without intimation, your booking will be blocked for one month. So, never do that.
  • No companions are allowed with your shopping.

What Are CSD Canteen Mohali Timings, Address and Contact Details?

 CSD Mohali Address:

SANIK SADAN, Phase 10, Sector 64,  SAS Nagar, Punjab.

Phone Number 0172 467 1268

 CSD Mohali Timings:

Monday to Friday – 9:15 am to 3:30 pm

Saturday – 9:15 am to 2:00 pm

Sunday – Closed We hope you got the complete information for your next shopping at Fauji Canteen Mohali. Do follow all the instructions carefully to have a hustle-free experience.